The Challenge Workout

I had started to do this workout but some injuries to my shoulder (not related to this) caused me to put it off. I started again this week and just finished my 2nd workout of the week.

Listen, if you are not ready to do some seriously hard workouts, don’t get this course. I’m in good shape and workout regularly. I can’t get the entire way through workout 1 and 2 so had to cut reps and cut out some of the exercises temporarily. But I still got an outstanding workout!

If you work out hard and get minimal results, then you should try this. You know you are working out in a proven manner.

I’m doing the bodyweight workout portion. You can do the weight training workouts if you want to. I chose bodyweight because I am changing this site and tailoring it more to people who want to workout at home using their bodyweight. Ever see a gymnast’s body?

Anyway, the workout is designed to increase the number of pull ups you can do but after two workouts, it targets your overall body as well. That means your abs too.

More on this training as I continue.
Challenge Workouts



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