Washboard Abs

washboard abs

Think he knows what he's talking about?

Yes I do go on about abs a number of times in my posts and articles. But think about it.

If you see a guy who is thin, just skinny, you don’t think much of it. But if that thin guy has washboard abs, doesn’t he look fit and maybe even on the muscular side?

Not to mention a tight midsection gives better support to your body. A strong core should be the goal of everyone. Read what Vince has to say . . .

One big misconception

some people have as far as getting a washboard stomach goes is that you need to be be working all these muscles separately. Because these individuals often envision the so-called ‘6-pack’, they think that you can divide this muscle up, working on it section by section.

Without a clean diet, six pack abs will never be yours. Even though exercise is extremely important, it’s only going to take you so far. No matter how many crunches or sit-up variations you perform, if you’ve got a solid layer of fat covering your stomach, your muscles are not going to be seen.

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

While the abs definitely do consist of a few different muscles, all of these muscles are going to contract simultaneously, helping perform whatever movement is being asked of it. You can definitely target certain areas slightly more than others, but overall, you cannot solely isolate any one of the muscles in particular.

So, having said that, try not to do too many isolated ab exercises during your workout. While these can be nice in a sense that you’ll likely really ‘feel the burn’, they aren’t going to work as many muscle fibers as possible – which is your primary goal with any weight lifting session you perform.

The better thing to instead, is to do exercises that decrease your balance because that is what best calls your muscles into action.

Think doing ab crunches on the floor is good? Move those crunches onto an stability exercise ball.

This applies for other calisthenic exercises as well. Performing a set of push-ups? Why not move those onto an exercise ball as well? It’s the perfect opportunity to really challenge those muscles and help develop washboard abs. Simply place an exercise ball under your arms or under your feet and push-up from there. If you’re really ambitious, try both at the same time (note, use a spotter when doing this as there is a good chance you’ll roll off until you gain the skill necessary to balance).

The only time when you don’t want to decrease your stability too much, however, is when you’re lifting very heavy weights in major compound lifts (such as squats for instance). This could prove to be very dangerous because one small movement in the wrong direction due to being off balance could cause your form to go and that could lead to a severe injury.

So, keep your destabilization work to exercises that are performed with your body weight or very light weights.

To learn more about building those washboard abs, turn your speakers on and watch this free video on Getting Ripped Abs Now.


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Abdominal Exercise

Tightening the ab muscles is a must. It’s just so hard to get down and do crunches leg raises; not so much hard as boring. But if you want total fitness and want to look good, you better be thinking abs. I like to try to hit them about 5 times a week.

abdominal exerciseOne exercise I came across can be done at anytime and anywhere. Your gut is going to feel it. For lack of a better name, let’s call it retching like a cat.

Still here? 🙂 Trust me on this one. Your abs will feel it. Kind of like when you laugh really hard and your muscles in your abdominal area feels it.

Get on your hands and knees and gaze at the floor. Do not arch your back and don’t strain your neck by trying to watch t.v. while doing these.

You want to forcefully exhale from your mouth until all the air is let out. Hench retching like a cat. Now hold your breath and try to pull your belly button up and touch your back. Yeah – not gonna happen but you get the idea. Now hold that position for a count of 8 – 12 seconds.

Now slowly inhale through your nose. Take at least 1 deep breath in and out, then do it again until you do 8 – 10 reps. You may need to breath a bit more in between reps, particularly when you are starting out.

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Losing Weight

how to lose weightI always get a lot of questions about losing weight. Some want to know my views on dieting or eating healthy and just on how to lose weight.

So I decided to start a new website devoted to weight loss. TudeDiet.com will be devoted to that area. Obviously exercise needs to be included into any weight loss talk so this gives me a chance to keep the two separate.

It’s in the early stages so give it time to develop, but I’m looking forward to the new challenge. Especially with the New Year approaching and the new year’s resolutions to lose weight figuring to be in the spotlight as always. 🙂

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Do Carbs Make You Fat

Do carbs make you fat? The answer surprised me and it may surprise you as well.

Once you finish watching this, I have a free gift for you.

Free Fat Loss EbookThis free ebook will get you jump started on your way to losing weight.

This free book contains 2 nutrition articles, a week of meal plan choices and 2 nutritional and delicious recipes.

Either left click on the book to read it now online or right click and save it to your hard drive.

Please feel free to give this book away to any of your friends and family who might be interested in losing weight.

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lose weightI’m sorry. I don’t want to make you mad but every excuse you can think of as to why you can’t lose weight is going to be thrown out the door.

Don’t even think of checking this link out if you want to leave the excuses door open.

Inspirational Weight Loss Story

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Australian Pullups

I love these. Basically you use a chinup bar and rather than doing regular pullups, you lay under it and do your pullups. I guess that is why they are called Australian pullups – down under?

Many exercise programs have you do these so you can build yourself up to do regular chin ups or pullups. And they do help increase your strength so you can do just that.

However, personally I do these twice a week anyway along with my regular bar work as this exercise tends to hit the lats upper back more so.

I found a good video on this. I use the Perfect Pullup so it had rotating handles which gives me both a good bicep, triceps and back workout. But here is how you can do these using a regular bar and you could even take a bar and lay it on 2 stead chairs.

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Gain Muscle

Gain muscle, lost fat NOW!

Stop wasting your time in the gym!

Watch this cool video for the best tips to
muscle mass fast Secrets that you won’t
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Gain Muscle

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Secrets to Getting 6 Pack Abs

6 Pack Abs

Is there anyone who doesn’t at least wish for them? They seem elusive, don’t they?

Bottom line is if you have em’, you get noticed immediately. Even if you’re a skinny minny. Nut do you spend WAY too much  time training your abs directly… pumping away with all kinds of different abs-specific exercises?

Or maybe you are doing too much cardio? Too much slow cardio and not enough high intensity work.

What about nutrition? You can’t over look that.

You just need to follow certain strategies – much like following a road map. Without these strategies your quest for them may be impossible.  This interview just might be invaluable to you.

6 Pack Abs

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hiit aerobicsHIIT, or high intensity interval training, is very popular today. As well it should be. It allows you to get in a hard aerobic workout in a short period of time. If the intensity is high enough, you can actually get in your run in 4 minutes, not counting warm up and cool down.

The problem I have is there are too many out there telling you it’s the only way to get an effective workout; and it’s not! In fact, doing these types of workouts can turn some people off to exercise.

My daughter tried running and didn’t like it. At all. She likes walking at a fast pace. So she asked me my thoughts.

I told her if you like walking, walk. Walking is a very good aerobic exercise when you do it at a fast pace. She does what is referred to as power walking. Walking briskly and swinging her arms. Since she likes it the chances are she will stick with the routine.

HIIT, on the other hand, might be a workout of sprinting for 20 seconds, walking 10 seconds, and repeating 8 times. Yep, a quick 4 minute workout. And if you do it correctly, the chances are you won’t be able to complete 8 repeats at the beginning.

Now that does some serious fat burning and your body continues to burn fat after the workout. But how many people want to sprint? Not many. I mix it in with long runs at a slower pace and have to be mentally ready on the days I do hiit.

Find what you like and do it. You will stick with it and the benefits will be there.

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Hanging Bicep Builder

Hate me if you must once you try these, but they work.

Pull yourself up on a chin up bar until your nose is level with the bar. Palms are facing you, although you can try the same exercise with the palms facing away from you.

Now hang on as long as you can. Fight it as your arms start fatiguing and you start dropping down. Try for 30 seconds.

Your biceps will scream at you and they will grow,

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