How to Increase Your Pull Ups

Pull ups are an outstanding exercise and you should be doing them in your exercise routine. If you can’t do any at all, read on. If you can do a couple but want to increase that number, read on.

Many people do not include them for one simple reason. They are hard to do! Ask your friends how many pull ups they can do. Better yet, have them show you. This exercise is so effective as an overall upper body builder that it’s a shame so many ignore it.

I have the Perfect Pullup bar and also a bar in the basement but you can go outside and use a strong branch on a tree. The pull up differs from a chin up in that you have your palms facing away from you. I do both and we’ll discuss chin ups another day.

Now if you are unable to do even one pullup, here’s how you fix that. Have someone boost you up to the bar until your eyes are level with the bar, or stand on a chair or something. You will be doing a negative rep. As you lower your body to the ground, fight it. Take as long as you can to lower yourself.

Rest and try it again. This is also a good way to increase the number you can do now. Do as many as you can in strict movement, then fight the last ones.

Think how impressive it will be if you can get up to 10 reps. People will be in awe.

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