Hindu Pushups vs Dive Bombers

Hindu Pushups vs Dive Bombers – Which is the Best?

What a continuing controversy. There are arguments on each side and everyone who does these has an opinion. Me too – lol. So let’s first show how to do each one.

Hindu Pushup

Dive Bomber

Try both. Let me tell you this. You will not go wrong with either one.

So – Which one is best Bob?

Good question. 🙂 I can only answer this way. When I do dive bombers, I find they are harder to do and I can do less repetitions. I also find my shoulders feel more pumped when I complete them. So, to me, I choose dive bombers however . . . . .

I incorporate hindu pushups into my routine as well. One of the things I believe in is changing things up. Never let your body get used to your exercise routine. It’s called muscle confusion.

I do these everyday so I might do 3 or 4 sets of hindu’s one day and 3 or 4 sets of dive bombers the next. But if I am only going to incorporate these every other day, I tend to lean towards the dive bombers.

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