hiit aerobicsHIIT, or high intensity interval training, is very popular today. As well it should be. It allows you to get in a hard aerobic workout in a short period of time. If the intensity is high enough, you can actually get in your run in 4 minutes, not counting warm up and cool down.

The problem I have is there are too many out there telling you it’s the only way to get an effective workout; and it’s not! In fact, doing these types of workouts can turn some people off to exercise.

My daughter tried running and didn’t like it. At all. She likes walking at a fast pace. So she asked me my thoughts.

I told her if you like walking, walk. Walking is a very good aerobic exercise when you do it at a fast pace. She does what is referred to as power walking. Walking briskly and swinging her arms. Since she likes it the chances are she will stick with the routine.

HIIT, on the other hand, might be a workout of sprinting for 20 seconds, walking 10 seconds, and repeating 8 times. Yep, a quick 4 minute workout. And if you do it correctly, the chances are you won’t be able to complete 8 repeats at the beginning.

Now that does some serious fat burning and your body continues to burn fat after the workout. But how many people want to sprint? Not many. I mix it in with long runs at a slower pace and have to be mentally ready on the days I do hiit.

Find what you like and do it. You will stick with it and the benefits will be there.

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2 Responses to HIIT

  1. Carrie says:

    Unfortunately, my running days are over due to a broken tib & fib with a bad repair job. But, I do still exercise at home.

    I have enjoyed browsing through your site.

    Stop by Exercise And Fitness At Home sometime 🙂

    • tudefit says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Carrie. I’m glad to see you still exercise. I’ve had to stop running in the past due to foot and knee problems but have been fortunate to be able to continue. I’ll check out your site.

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