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Pullups and chinu ps are outstanding strength and muscle building exercises

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups

Here’s a few questions I get asked a lot. Q. What’s the difference between chin ups and pull ups? A. A chin up is done with your palms facing you and the pull up is when your palms are away from you. Q. Which is harder? A. The chin up incorporates the biceps so it is easier but that doesn’t make it easy. Both exercises are tough but I really believe everyone should include them in your workouts. Q. Which is better? A. I do both. Try both of them and you can feel the different muscles each exercise targets.

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Challenge Workout Update

OK. Been doing this about a month now. Man that is a tough workout and – it works! My pull ups have increased by 3 – From 5 good strict ones to 8 good strict ones. My shoulders feel like they are on fire and my wife noted they look bigger. Let me tell you something. Shawna charges a very fair price but she doesn’t stop when you buy her program. She adds more. I’ve got reports on how to increase number of burpees, more on increasing push ups and plenty on working the abs and core muscles. I once … Continue reading

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The Challenge Workout

I had started to do this workout but some injuries to my shoulder (not related to this) caused me to put it off. I started again this week and just finished my 2nd workout of the week. Listen, if you are not ready to do some seriously hard workouts, don’t get this course. I’m in good shape and workout regularly. I can’t get the entire way through workout 1 and 2 so had to cut reps and cut out some of the exercises temporarily. But I still got an outstanding workout! If you work out hard and get minimal results, … Continue reading

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How to Increase Your Pull Ups

Pull ups are an outstanding exercise and you should be doing them in your exercise routine. If you can’t do any at all, read on. If you can do a couple but want to increase that number, read on. Many people do not include them for one simple reason. They are hard to do! Ask your friends how many pull ups they can do. Better yet, have them show you. This exercise is so effective as an overall upper body builder that it’s a shame so many ignore it. I have the Perfect Pullup bar and also a bar in … Continue reading

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Australian Pullups

I love these. Basically you use a chinup bar and rather than doing regular pullups, you lay under it and do your pullups. I guess that is why they are called Australian pullups – down under? Many exercise programs have you do these so you can build yourself up to do regular chin ups or pullups. And they do help increase your strength so you can do just that. However, personally I do these twice a week anyway along with my regular bar work as this exercise tends to hit the lats upper back more so. I found a good … Continue reading

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