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Build Muscle, Lose Weight & Rip Your Abs

SHRED Your Chest and Back With This Superset of In-Set Supersets Sometimes you want to increase muscle while knocking out fat. When you want fat loss and increased muscle definition, one of the key methods that I like to use is a tension-oriented superset done for medium to high reps, focusing on keeping strict form and squeezing the muscles HARD as you perform the reps.   Posterior Chain and Cardio Training With Dumbell Swing Drop Sets Lots of people buy special equipment to do this. No need to now. The Swing is a classic movement that targets almost every major … Continue reading

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MI40 Free Report

MI40 – 5 tricks to DOUBLE your gains IMMEDIATELY Are you interested in doubling and even tripling your gains IMMEDIATELY? If so, make sure you download this free report here: ==> 5 tricks to DOUBLE your gains IMMEDIATELY Perhaps, THE brightest pro bodybuilder in the world – Benjamin Pakulski – just put the final touch ups on his content-loaded report, and instead of it being $24.99, it’s FREE today! In it, Ben reveals 5 overlooked mistakes REVERSING your gains and if you want to get big & lean in less time you’re going to be shocked by these 5 undiscovered tricks … Continue reading

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According to the overload principle, exercise must be done at a higher level than usual to bring about various training adaptations. Once the body has adapted to the higher level of exercise it will function more effectively and efficiently. In other words, your body is going to adapt to exercise. If you start out doing 10 lb dumbbell curls, for example, it may be hard in the beginning and if you are new to weight training, you will see some results. A strengthening of the biceps. But your body will get used to that weight and if you want muscle … Continue reading

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Fitness Workouts

Fitness workouts focus on developing overall fitness. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training not only helps you lose fat and gain muscle; it also makes your overall body healthier. I’ve changed this site into a fitness blog setting because I can get r exercise information to you quicker. There are some links on the side which takes you to my original tudefitness site. I’ll focus on exercise at home for those of you who prefer not to go to a gym. I do a lot of body weight exercise and make use of the exercise ball a lot. It’s one … Continue reading

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