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Hammer Curls

Hammer Curls hit your biceps at a unique angle and can make them pop. Grab the barbell like you would grab a hammer. You’re holding it at the farthest back part of the dumbbell. Raise the dumbbell slowly and alternate arms. Apply muscle intentions as explained in the MI40 program makes this exercise twice as effective but even if you don’t have the program, add these to your bicep curls. You won’t regret it.

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Hanging Bicep Builder

Hate me if you must once you try these, but they work. Pull yourself up on a chin up bar until your nose is level with the bar. Palms are facing you, although you can try the same exercise with the palms facing away from you. Now hang on as long as you can. Fight it as your arms start fatiguing and you start dropping down. Try for 30 seconds. Your biceps will scream at you and they will grow,

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