Abdominal Exercise

Tightening the ab muscles is a must. It’s just so hard to get down and do crunches leg raises; not so much hard as boring. But if you want total fitness and want to look good, you better be thinking abs. I like to try to hit them about 5 times a week.

abdominal exerciseOne exercise I came across can be done at anytime and anywhere. Your gut is going to feel it. For lack of a better name, let’s call it retching like a cat.

Still here? 🙂 Trust me on this one. Your abs will feel it. Kind of like when you laugh really hard and your muscles in your abdominal area feels it.

Get on your hands and knees and gaze at the floor. Do not arch your back and don’t strain your neck by trying to watch t.v. while doing these.

You want to forcefully exhale from your mouth until all the air is let out. Hench retching like a cat. Now hold your breath and try to pull your belly button up and touch your back. Yeah – not gonna happen but you get the idea. Now hold that position for a count of 8 – 12 seconds.

Now slowly inhale through your nose. Take at least 1 deep breath in and out, then do it again until you do 8 – 10 reps. You may need to breath a bit more in between reps, particularly when you are starting out.

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