A Woman Exercise Guru

I’ve received emails asking me if I’m serious. Do I really follow an exercise routine written by a girl?

Yes, Yes I do.

Shawna is the real thing and there are many, many men who also follow her. She’s well respected. Let me say this.

Click on this banner and check out some pictures of Shawna. Note her shoulder development in particular. That’s what caught my eye. Well, that was part of it. 🙂
Challenge Workouts




She puts an emphasis on pull ups. There’s a reason for that. Do a few pull ups. The pull ups are done with your palms facing away from you. They’re tough, right? How do you increase them?

That’s what she shows you and she goes beyond that. She’ll keep you updated on new advances and pass along new workouts throughout the year. And she responds to your questions.

My shoulders feel more powerful than ever and my pull ups are increasing. I still do some weight training, in fact she includes routines. I also do cable work and continue to run regularly.

But the pull ups are my main focus and her routine will have you popping out a number of them even if you can’t do even one right now.

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  1. Exercise is important to keep both your body and mind “in shape”. It doesn’t matter if the advice is from a man or a “woman,” what matters is exercise is vital in our daily life.

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