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Free Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from any type of back pain, neck pain or sciatica, then you are going to find this free back pain relief kit extremely helpful in your quest to eliminate your pain.

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BodyWeight Exercises

There are a lot of sites set up to help you if you want to get ripped or develop huge muscles. Some of the best you will find here on These programs I am featuring are all proven. They work. But the purpose of this site is to help you get fit, get strong and help you look good. Mostly by exercising at home unless you want to head to a gym. I have been asked if I am ripped or have 6 pack abs. I do not. I’m able to push myself very hard while working out. My … Continue reading

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MI40 Muscle Intentions

MI40 is blowing it away! I’ve never seen anything like what is happening in the fitness field right now. Fitness experts are jumping all over MI40 by Ben Pakulski because he is introducing something called mass intentions to weight training. It can also be adapted to body weight exercises. The basic idea is to show you how to fully shorten and lengthen every muscle through it’s full range of motion. And that’s just the start. The thing is – not only are all the fitness experts telling you to get this; they are also incorporating it into their own training … Continue reading

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