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Hanging Bicep Builder

Hate me if you must once you try these, but they work. Pull yourself up on a chin up bar until your nose is level with the bar. Palms are facing you, although you can try the same exercise with the palms facing away from you. Now hang on as long as you can. Fight it as your arms start fatiguing and you start dropping down. Try for 30 seconds. Your biceps will scream at you and they will grow,

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Pushups on the Exercise Ball

These pushups on the exercise ball will tax your muscles. Also try to turn it around and put your hands on the ball and feet on the floor and do some push ups that way as well.

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Fitness Workouts

Fitness workouts focus on developing overall fitness. Combining aerobic exercise with strength training not only helps you lose fat and gain muscle; it also makes your overall body healthier. I’ve changed this site into a fitness blog setting because I can get r exercise information to you quicker. There are some links on the side which takes you to my original tudefitness site. I’ll focus on exercise at home for those of you who prefer not to go to a gym. I do a lot of body weight exercise and make use of the exercise ball a lot. It’s one … Continue reading

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